The Paradox of Leadership, with Nora Bateson

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The Paradox of Leadership, with Nora Bateson

Für Systemische-Berater, Berater, Facilitator, Moderatoren, Change-Agents, Führungskräften

What is leadership today?

In the words of Nora Bateson … "Leadership is an evolving process and, as such, our understanding of what leadership is must evolve in accordance. In the past the world understood leadership as the great deeds of heroes, but now we are in another phase of global transition that requires an understanding of leadership based on our understanding of interdependency. This is where the paradox comes in."

There are probably very few people in the world today with more meaningful insights into Living Systems than Nora Bateson, and I am very happy that Nora has agreed to come to Germany again to run this unique programme a second time.

This workshop is a fascinating journey into learning in Living Systems that enables us to see the idea of leadership in a broader context of interdependency – a perspective that is far more helpful than the conventional narrative when seeking answers to our big challenges today.

Come and experience this for yourself.

25.10.2017 in Essen

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Eric Lynn
Berlin, Germany
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